Whimsic Alley

This is the most magical place in Los Angeles. Unless you think that the Spider Man in front of Grauman’s is really him.
By now everyone knows about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. BUT!!! Did you know there is what might be considered a Wizarding World gift shop right here in So Cal?
This is indoors. Neat.
This shop, Whimsic Alley, is designed to look like… an alley. Brilliant. Each tiny shop within the shop carries a different type of HP merchandise: costumes, hats, toys, wands, TWILIGHT.
That’s right. Edward and Jacob set up shop in the middle of Harry's store. “You, Harry, will have a monopoly on this imaginary Alley, NO MORE!”
The IDEA of this place is great. The execution makes me feel like Harry Potter was invented to sell children over-priced make-believe accessories. I kept seeing Harry as an old washed-up used car salesman, pushing last year’s inventory. Dirty. 
Hey, have you’ve been searching for a $20 chocolate frog? I found it.
I was hoping to find a Ravenclaw sweater to go with my scarf and tie (NERD ALERT). The only option was itchy, fit strangely, and costs $40. Sigh.
Oh hey, Sorting Hat.
The décor makes this shop worth the visit, though. There is even a ‘great hall’ where special events and birthday parties are held. It's mini version, but it's still awesome.
If you can’t afford visiting Florida… well, you probably won’t be able to afford this place either.
My solution is for you to leave your wallet at home and hop on the 5 for a spell.

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