Katella Deli

Ever dreamed of being Jewish? Yes you have. Mmm. Matzo, Passover, lentils… Livin’ the life.
As my father is Jewish I have some experience in the ethnic food aisle of the grocery store. Eww, not with gefilte fish, gross. That stuff gives me the creeps. The extent of my Jewish cultured-ism leads to latkes (that’s potato pancakes in goy (non-Jewish guy (you need to brush up on your Yiddish))).
Latkes are tastier than they appear
My dad makes the best latkes. No restaurant can come close, but whenever I am out and I see them on the menu I have to give them a go. Especially since this is Orange County and there are maybe 30 Jews living here. So latkes are few and far between in these parts.
Ethnic food is ethnic
Every once in a while I will go with my grandma or uncle and aunt to Katella Deli in Los Alamitos to restock on my Jew gamma rays. You didn’t know we had those? Oh, yeah. It’s WONDERFUL. We’re the chosen people.
Someone couldn't wait for me to take a picture
The restaurant is huge and super popular for brunch (they serve breakfast all day). They have a little bakery/deli counter attached and it’s adorable. Bagel chips are highly recommended. Oh my gosh, NO. Bagel chips are not old bagel poops. You’re gross. But, I can see why you’d think that. Misleading name…
The menu is home to lots of classic ethnic dishes and regular old brunch-type meals. You know what bums me out? Yeah, Full House is off the air. That’s a bummer. I wonder what Michelle is up to. But also, the latkes are listed as, “Potato Pancakes.” Are we dumbing down our culture for the general public? Yes. Yes, is the answer.
“Latkes? What the crap is that? Sounds icky.” Or “Potato Pancakes. Delightful! I’ll take 100 million, please.” I get it. It’s just a bummer. I know like three Jewish words: Goy, Latke, and Jewish. I want to prove to the other nice Jewish people that I’m one of them! I know your language! Let me in your super secret club! Give me the gamma rays! Make me a professional comedian/doctor/lawyer/producer.
How were my potato pancakes? Disappointing. Dad’s are way better. But it’s always nice to visit Katella Deli.