Twilight Midnight Screening

Umm... This isn't me.
No. Eww. No. I am NOT a Twi-hard. Gross. I HAVE a life.

I just find Edward sexy. Okay? That's it. OKAY? I'm not into the story. I just like to look at the pretty men.

So, now that you know that... The Midnight screening for Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is coming up.

November 17th/18th midnight. I will be at Irvine Spectrum. No, not alone. I will be with several others. No, they're not all girls. No, they're not all single. Wow, you are really judgmental.

Having read the books, I can tell you that this one is pretty juicy. Yes, I read the books. No, only twice. But you don't need to read the books to know what's going to happen in this one. It's ALL in the trailer. Seriously. This is the most revealing trailer I have ever seen:

Anyway, I'm not dressing up. And, it's because I don't care very much, not because there are no iconic costumes in the series. 

I may have put a shirt on my dog that said, "Team Jacob" at the last Twilight midnight screening, but that was HER choice. SHE is a NERD.

Improv Cup 2011

Some of you may remember that I entered the Improv Cup last year. It was way fun and all done for a charity.

This year I entered again. Did you see that coming? I did. Only, this time, I have a partner. A GREAT partner. The GREATEST partner. We will likely win. Why? Because I can see the future. And, in the future, there is a 70% chance that myself and my partner will win the 2011 Improv Cup. Notice, I chose the word 'likely' and not 'absolutely'. I believe these are the rules weather forecasters play by. I know what you are thinking, "but you are not a weather forecaster." This is true, but I strive to be as upstanding as those fine human examples of morality. Also, now would be the time to tell you that in addition to seeing the future, I know what you're thinking, as previously demonstrated.

Your next question, "Blaire. Who have you partnered with?" For that, my sweets, you will have to wait. My mystery partner is... a mystery. For now, you may guess. I will guess, too. But all of my guesses will be correct. Because... I can see the future.

I will give you a hint. 


Is not him.

The OC Improv Cup
Stages Theater in Fullerton
November 11th and 12th

I Own A Business!

If you've been wondering where I've been, well, first of all, thanks for caring about my web personality that much. That's sort of sweet. Aww. I'm glad you care.

If you haven't been curious about me... TOO BAD.

You're about to find out where I've been.

I launched my own business!!! Hurray! I am now the BEST personal documentary service in the world.

That's right, I make personal documentaries. They're fantastic and I LOVE doing it. People have such wonderful stories. I love it.

So, it's called Emblem Documentaries.

Visit Emblem on the internet (she gets lonely) www.EmblemDocumentaries.com

And, if you'd like to have a documentary made by ME, BLAIRE 'the beautiful' BYHOWER, then mention you read Geeky OC to me when booking and you'll get the friends and family rate (through 2011 (that's as far in advance as I can plan right now. Who knows what kind of adventure I'll be on in 2012. Maybe mustang breeding in the Alps, maybe train-hopping through the South, maybe (hopefully) raising my prices.))

I love you (like a brother (a step brother (that I see very seldom-ly (you know, like on holidays (every other year))))).