Hotdog Cart

As I’ve been stuck in Fashion Island, Newport Beach, non-stop for the past month (working at my mom’s gift-wrapping store), I thought I’d provide you with insider knowledge on the only geek-friendly area in the mall.
The hotdog cart.
It may look like just a regular old hotdog cart, but, notice, it’s mere feet away from… THE APPLE STORE.
That’s right, if you find yourself forced into Fashion Island, you, too can make this your little slice of geekdom.
The hotdogs are actually phenomenal and incredibly reasonable. They’re maybe the only thing one can buy for less than a 5er in the entire mall. Plus, they have tofu dogs!
"We'll keep you entertained for a moment!"
Fashion Island used to have little carts all over the place. However, a few months ago, Nordstrom rolled into the mall and insisted the carts skedaddle. What a diva. The only cart permitted to remain? Hotdogs. Yeah.
A few stores up and you’ll discover a lovely koi pond.
There you go, a geek’s guide to Fashion Island.