The City of Orange Thursday Afternoon Farmers' Maket

“Yes, yes! Step right up and enjoy a sample of this tasty orange!”

“No, step up over here and taste THIS orange.”

“Hey, don’t listen to those guys, that’s poison. They want to kill you.”

“You, Ma’am, taste my berries!”

“Don’t listen to her, taste MY berries.” 

“No, taste THIS orange.”

“Did someone say ‘orange’? I have oranges!”

“They all are trying to kill you.”

“Look at these fruits, will you! MMMM… Tasty samples!”

“Taste my FREAKING oranges!”

“Why isn’t anyone tasting my berries? I feel bad about myself.”

“Shut up, Nancy. Miss, would you like a sample of my oranges?”

“It’s all poison!”

Farmers’ Market!
Nancy's Berries
The Thursday afternoon City of Orange Farmers’ Market is adorable. It takes place in a 200ft stretch of alleyway adjacent to old towne Orange. This allows space for about 10-12 stands. 2 of them are general fruit and vegetables, one is honey, one is mini bundt cakes, one is exclusively citrus, one is homemade bread, one is peanuts, one is flowers, one is bagged various snacks, and I don’t remember the rest.
The citrus guy at the end is VERY nice and his oranges are the BEST I’ve ever had. He grows them in Riverside and knows quite a bit about his fruits. He and his oranges are my favorites!
The Orange Whisperer
I wouldn’t say to make a special trip to this market because it is so small. I do, however, recommend that you visit it if you’re local or you happen to be looking for veggies on a Thursday afternoon between 2pm and 6pm.

Photo Credit - Bert Brown

Loving Hut

The evil vegan orders her lunch.
Once upon a time, a mommy and daddy yam-shrimp noticed how empty their yam-shrimp-house was and wanted very badly to have a baby. On a beautiful ocean day, their little yam-shrimp was born. They loved him very much and they named him Christopher. Christopher was the nicest yam-shrimp in his class. One day he was playing fin-ball in the yard when an evil vegan yam-shrimp-napped him. He screamed for the vegan not to hurt him. The vegan ignored Christopher. He cried as he accepted the inevitable – that he would never see his parents again. The vegan had a tasty lunch.
Wait a second. Yam-shrimps are made from yams! Christopher must be a shrimp-shrimp.
That means, when I go to the Loving Hut Restaurant in Orange, I won’t eat anyone’s son or daughter!
The Orange 'Chicken'
Located in the middle of a strip mall on Tustin, the Loving Hut is serving FANTASTIC 100% vegan cuisine. I mean, AMAZING. My favorite is the orange ‘chicken,’ but I haven’t disliked anything I’ve tried. I‘m a little wary of the philly cheese steak. How the heck do they make that vegan? I think maybe they use magic to make their ‘meat’ seem so meat-like.
I’m okay with eating magic: As long as I’m not eating Christopher.
Photo Credit - Bert Brown


Max Bloom's Cafe Noir

“It was a dark and stormy night, when SHE walked through my door. Legs as long as the Mississippi and eyes sharp enough to cut glass. She strutted right up to me with tear-stained cheeks and told me that I was the only one that could help her. Help her with what? Help her find Max Bloom. I didn’t know if I should tell her that I am Max Bloom. Who did she think she was coming to see if not Max Bloom? Was she planning on asking the dry cleaner downstairs for help but accidently made her way up here? Then I wondered if she was illiterate, because it says my name on the door of my office. Then I realized... this woman was very, very, dumb.”
Behold! Mecca!
Max Bloom’s Café Noir in Fullerton is PERFECT. This is the most awesome place I have ever discovered.
Coffee shop? Yeah, it’s a coffee shop. But it’s so much more!
Along with coffee, they serve vintage sodas, snacks, and root beer floats!
They also have “an eclectic selection of DVDs and CDs for sale.”
AND the décor is fantastic: old style movie posters everywhere.
BUT THE BEST PART is that there is something going on (FOR FREE) almost every night.

Monday: Actor and/or French poet open mic
Tuesday: Movie night
Wednesday: Open mic
Thursday: Open mic
Friday: Comedy open mic
We caught the comedy open mic night. It was awesome! Nothing but funny (and not funny) geeks stretching their comedy muscles in a warm, comfortable environment. 
That’s right, comfortable! I will be here a lot.

This is what Heaven looks like.

Fullerton Art Walk

Kc makes a pretty Wonder Woman.

If there’s one thing art patrons enjoy, it’s walking. You know who figured that one out? The city of Fullerton.
The first Friday of the month (from 6pm – 10pm) is the Friday that belongs to the Fullerton Art walk. Selective stores in downtown Fullerton participate by inviting an artist or two to turn their mild-mannered shop into a crazy, out-of-control art gallery!
It’s up to the shop to dictate how they want to participate in the event. They might offer wine and snacks, or not. They may have a musician or band to set the mood, or not. They may have an acrobatic dragon handing out balloon animals, or not.
My favorite!
My favorite show was “Heroes & Villains.” Instead of just one artist’s work on display, this temporary gallery featured work that had to do with the theme. There were a lot of superhero and Disney related pieces.
Anyway, there were a ton of cool geeks wandering around and a lot of neat art to look at.
I recommend taking a smart phone to the walk so that you may access the Art Walk map in real time. Oh, technology. You’re neat.

Tranquil Tea Lounge

“Yes, yes, step right in! Good to see you. Now, what’s ailing you? Is it a young lady’s heart you desire? Or maybe it is luck you crave? Perhaps you’d like to sleep less and work more? I have a potion for every ailment and an elixir for every wish. All you have to do is choose one by sight and smell, only!”
Choose wisely.
Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton boasts an entire wall of colorful, scentiful, loose-leaf teas. That’s fun. Flavors ranging from Mardi Gras to blueberry muffin. Grab some blindfolds and you have yourself a party game!
Selecting your tea is the most fun part. After that, the experience has nowhere to go but down. Oh, wait, except for the tea pots and glasses, they’re adorable!
The eatery area is not very comfortable or private. Also, their use of Papyrus is frustrating.
But, picking out the tea is fu-u-un.