Fullerton Art Walk

Kc makes a pretty Wonder Woman.

If there’s one thing art patrons enjoy, it’s walking. You know who figured that one out? The city of Fullerton.
The first Friday of the month (from 6pm – 10pm) is the Friday that belongs to the Fullerton Art walk. Selective stores in downtown Fullerton participate by inviting an artist or two to turn their mild-mannered shop into a crazy, out-of-control art gallery!
It’s up to the shop to dictate how they want to participate in the event. They might offer wine and snacks, or not. They may have a musician or band to set the mood, or not. They may have an acrobatic dragon handing out balloon animals, or not.
My favorite!
My favorite show was “Heroes & Villains.” Instead of just one artist’s work on display, this temporary gallery featured work that had to do with the theme. There were a lot of superhero and Disney related pieces.
Anyway, there were a ton of cool geeks wandering around and a lot of neat art to look at.
I recommend taking a smart phone to the walk so that you may access the Art Walk map in real time. Oh, technology. You’re neat.

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