Max Bloom's Cafe Noir

“It was a dark and stormy night, when SHE walked through my door. Legs as long as the Mississippi and eyes sharp enough to cut glass. She strutted right up to me with tear-stained cheeks and told me that I was the only one that could help her. Help her with what? Help her find Max Bloom. I didn’t know if I should tell her that I am Max Bloom. Who did she think she was coming to see if not Max Bloom? Was she planning on asking the dry cleaner downstairs for help but accidently made her way up here? Then I wondered if she was illiterate, because it says my name on the door of my office. Then I realized... this woman was very, very, dumb.”
Behold! Mecca!
Max Bloom’s Café Noir in Fullerton is PERFECT. This is the most awesome place I have ever discovered.
Coffee shop? Yeah, it’s a coffee shop. But it’s so much more!
Along with coffee, they serve vintage sodas, snacks, and root beer floats!
They also have “an eclectic selection of DVDs and CDs for sale.”
AND the décor is fantastic: old style movie posters everywhere.
BUT THE BEST PART is that there is something going on (FOR FREE) almost every night.

Monday: Actor and/or French poet open mic
Tuesday: Movie night
Wednesday: Open mic
Thursday: Open mic
Friday: Comedy open mic
We caught the comedy open mic night. It was awesome! Nothing but funny (and not funny) geeks stretching their comedy muscles in a warm, comfortable environment. 
That’s right, comfortable! I will be here a lot.

This is what Heaven looks like.

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  1. how cool! I'll have to check it out sometime soon. :)