The City of Orange Thursday Afternoon Farmers' Maket

“Yes, yes! Step right up and enjoy a sample of this tasty orange!”

“No, step up over here and taste THIS orange.”

“Hey, don’t listen to those guys, that’s poison. They want to kill you.”

“You, Ma’am, taste my berries!”

“Don’t listen to her, taste MY berries.” 

“No, taste THIS orange.”

“Did someone say ‘orange’? I have oranges!”

“They all are trying to kill you.”

“Look at these fruits, will you! MMMM… Tasty samples!”

“Taste my FREAKING oranges!”

“Why isn’t anyone tasting my berries? I feel bad about myself.”

“Shut up, Nancy. Miss, would you like a sample of my oranges?”

“It’s all poison!”

Farmers’ Market!
Nancy's Berries
The Thursday afternoon City of Orange Farmers’ Market is adorable. It takes place in a 200ft stretch of alleyway adjacent to old towne Orange. This allows space for about 10-12 stands. 2 of them are general fruit and vegetables, one is honey, one is mini bundt cakes, one is exclusively citrus, one is homemade bread, one is peanuts, one is flowers, one is bagged various snacks, and I don’t remember the rest.
The citrus guy at the end is VERY nice and his oranges are the BEST I’ve ever had. He grows them in Riverside and knows quite a bit about his fruits. He and his oranges are my favorites!
The Orange Whisperer
I wouldn’t say to make a special trip to this market because it is so small. I do, however, recommend that you visit it if you’re local or you happen to be looking for veggies on a Thursday afternoon between 2pm and 6pm.

Photo Credit - Bert Brown

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