Medieval Times

Black and White!
This is totally real.

Guys. Black & White is the BEST knight. Okay? So, what if he had an off day? No, I know he died first. It was because YOU weren’t cheering loud enough for him. Yeah. You just don’t know him like I do… he’s usually the best.
Buena Park. What’d you just think of when you read that? Was it Knott’s Berry Farm (BTW, where the heck are all the berries? Are they all in the freaking Jam? What if I don’t like jam?) or, was it MEDIEVAL TIMES?
If you don’t know what Medieval Times is, it’s a newspaper renaissance fairs print… probably. And it’s a themed dinner and show event!
If you’re a child at Medieval Times, you believe you stepped out of a time machine into the middle of a 100% accurate and 150% awesome knights-proving-their-bad-ass-ed-ness competition. If you are a drunk adult – you will have a very similar experience. Which is why I recommend you go ahead and arrange a ride home.
Because the show is family-friendly, they serve HUGE souvenir mugs full of booze (happy face), and the actual event is only 90mins long (SAD FACE).
Also, the tickets are a little pricey at $58 a piece. Then there are all sorts of upgrades you can buy on top of that, too. None are really worth it. Unless it’s your life’s dream to wear rarely washed renaissance garb in front of a green screen for a photo.
Get a group of friends, pre-game it, and fork out the minimum amount for tickets.
Also, whatever knight you’re supposed to root for is not as good as the black and white knight. I’m just saying.
"Things are happening over... there!"


  1. favorite line: they serve HUGE souvenir mugs full of booze (happy face), and the actual event is only 90mins long (SAD FACE)

  2. One of the girls I work with works at medieval times and is engaged to the...green? knight. Or something. And her roommates are all knights!...I may go pig hunting with them at the end of the month =D

  3. The way you talk about this black and white knight leads me to believe you've been there quite a few times, eh?