Horseback Riding

"Please don't let the giant sit on me."
By now, dear reader (I know who you are), you've realized that I heart animals. I love petting, cuddling, and asking them rhetorical questions ("Who's a handsome kitty?"). But no animal can bring me as much joy as the horse. Why? Because one can ride a horse (I tried riding my dog but she collapsed. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure she'll get up soon). Riding a horse is the closest one can get (in real life) to being an animal.

There's a little stable off the 57 freeway (fun fact: only Californians say 'the' before naming a freeway) in Anaheim named Rancho Del Rio. You know what you can do there? Huh? You know what? You can get horseback riding lessons there!
"OMG, fine. We'll turn right."
Ava has a business called Paramount Performance. She has a couple awesome trainers and a couple pretty horses. Lessons are private and affordable. If you've never ridden before, or if you (like me) just want a reason to ride, I recommend checking them out (they accommodate all ages).


Orange Flag Ceremony

Goodnight, Flag. Sleep well.

Papa Bear
Every Wednesday at 6pm in the center of the Orange Circle (AKA the Plaza (AAKA Chapman and Glassell)), Mark Wayland and his gang of military misfits say, "I love you" to America. How? They take down the flag in the center of town and give it all of its deserved pomp and circumstance - there is saluting, someone playing Taps, and the flag gets folded by like 20 guys into one of those little triangles you sometimes folded a piece of paper into to play football with in class.

The environment is filled with hats and t-shirts that say something cheeky about being a Marine. Plus about 40% of the people that come to this event are part of this Harley Davidson riding group called the Patriot Guard. They like to dress like they're in a scary motorcycle gang, but they're mostly ex-military grandpas.

"Then we use it play football, right?"
Before the main event, Mark stands in front of the group with special announcements. He will usually talk about someone who is over seas fighting, or is MIA, or list names of those that have been lost recently in the Iraq War. Then there's a moment of silence.

If you dig America, the military, or Taps, you would enjoy this half hour event in the Circle/Plaza.


Orange Farmer's Market

Okay, so no smoking and no terriers.
There's a new Farmers' Market (on Saturdays) in town so move over... other... farmers.

Okay, so there's not anything here that other Farmers' Markets don't have. Except if you get there early enough there may be free muffins and coffee! I heart 'free'.

Parking is easy and free.

Oh, and the cherries are AMAZING. There's a cherry guy. You'll know him when you see him. Buy the cherries. Buy ALL the cherries.

There are food trucks out front the market, too. In case you don't want to shop hungry, I guess.

Sometimes there are demos or movie screenings, so check the schedule if that's a thing you're into.

It's not particularly big or small. I like it because it's close to my house. The end.




Slater's 50/50 is a burger restaurant that is in a love affair with bacon. The burger patty is made of 50% beef and 50% bacon. Baconception.

The menu features some wacky burger creations, including the "Peanut butter and Jellousy." That sandwich is exactly what you guessed it is.

Fried chicken on flapjacks with bacon
Another (more popular) option is the "Design It" menu. One uses a golf pencil to select a burger patty, bun, and toppings on a paper menu. The highlight of this activity is naming your creation. Be warned, you may forget your clever burger name and force the server to become increasingly irritated as she has to yell out, "I'm a Jersey Shore fan," over and over again. The cleverest amongst us named his burger his own name. No confusion as to who this belongs to.

We had a large party (18 people) and they wouldn't take reservations. We waited an hour and 20 minutes to be seated (on a Saturday afternoon). There is a bar which is first come, first serve. We hung out there for a long time while we waited. The bar also has the full menu, so eating there is a good option if the wait is long.

They have a ton of beers. However, all of them are written in different colored chalk on a board suspended from the ceiling. I could not read half of them.

I ordered the "Eat Your Veggies" burger and found it tasted too much like vegetables (I know). Not good vegetables, but like, wheat grass. Shiver.

One in our party ordered this bacon brownie
I also tasted some of the fried pickles. They were good, but a novelty. I couldn't eat more than two (and an order contains one million). The sweet potato fries, however, come with a heavenly pumpkiny dipping sauce. I ate all of the sweet potato fries.

If you're going to Slater's 50/50, prepare for wacky, novelty food and don't try to create something 'normal.' You're better off diving head first into this bacon-infused experience (when in Rome (order bacon)).


Swap Meet

Affordable family fun! That's what the website for the Orange County Market Place describes itself as. I don't know about you, but when I was a child I was not begging to go shopping. I was like, "You're going where? And it's how early on a Saturday morning? Nope. Leave me with my cartoons and sugar-cereal, Lady." In hindsight, my dad probably didn't like me calling him that.

As a broke-ass college student (before torrents (man, I'm old)), buying bootlegged (probably) dvds on the cheap was worth getting my butt up at the crack of 11am on a Saturday. 'Beautie' products are also a popular less expensive alternative to the fancy 'beauty' products found at Target and other fine retailers.  

"Lemme in! Or, I'm gonna shoot stuff!"

Is Xmas coming (isn't it always... technically)? How about getting that special someone in your life an "I Love Lucy" tin thingy. Or a hat/stuffed animal. Maybe a leatherish car seat cover. Or any of the other millions of fine products made in China. A happy Xmas for everyone, I say!

SIGNS! Oh, F-Yes!
Also, while in college, I thought the fruit/veggies at the swap meet were a good alternative to having to actually grocery shop like an adult. It must all be local, right? This is like a Farmers' Market or something, isn't it? ISN'T IT?! Nope. Everything is from Chile. Don't buy the produce.

But you CAN (yes, I have the authority to tell you what to do)buy the jerky, the pickles, and the hand-made jewelry/art. That stuff is all made locally. Support your fellow Orangite (is that the thing that we're called?)!

Punctuation is important.
Another awesome thing about the swap meet, people watching! The "humans" that show up to this thing are s t r a n g e. People I have never seen the likes of in Fashion Island. Men with overalls and no shirts, teenagers pushing strollers with children holding pregnant babies inside, that couple that thinks that if they wear Ed Hardy T shirts and bedazzled baseball caps we'll mistake them for wealthy, and the only plastic surgery for miles is breast implants! No nose jobs, no face lips, no botox, no brow lifts, no lip implants... It's like an alternate OC.

"Kitchen supplies get me so hot."
It costs $2 to get in and it's located at the fair grounds. You've probably been to the swap meet before. If you haven't, WHAT? Who are you? Go, right now (if it's a Saturday or Sunday morning). You need to see this


Canyon Fireside Grill

"Let's all go out dancing in our blue dresses!"
Confirmation: there is no dancing in RSM.

Oh, no! Were you hoping to go out dancing with your girlfriends in Rancho Santa Margarita? Did you read on OC Weekly that the Canyon Fireside Grill has live music and dancing on Friday and Saturday nights? Well, they don't. Not really.

Yes, they do have a band. Is the music danceable? No. Even after drinking tequila all day? Yep. Was there ANYONE dancing? No. OMG, why don't you believe me, already? Go check it out for yourself, then. Sheesh. 

We had dinner and drinks as the restaurant was closing, assuming we'd go over to the bar (where the "live entertainment" was perched) to mingle afterward. Nope. No, thank you. Nothing but Cougars and 60-year-old men wearing gold chains.

You should put on your website that there is a band and old cronies sitting at the bar. Not that the whole place transforms into a nightclub at 9pm. You have clearly never been to a nightclub, Canyon Fireside Grill. Also, your promotional video is obnoxiously misleading.

This should be your video. Because this is what actually happened:


Serrano Creek Ranch Equestrian Center

I'm a little surprised at myself for sharing this information with you. It's sort of top secret. Shhh.

Do you like horses? You have to know a little bit about horses for this to be a fun adventure. Go read a book. Did you read a book about horses? Good, okay, let's continue.

There's a stable in Lake Forest that I used to get horseback riding lessons at. There are lots of pretty ponies there (I said you have to know about horses - and if you know about horses you call them pretty ponies. Okay?). 

Now, (COA) I do not recommend you actually do any of this. I'm just telling you how. Not that you should. Got it? Don't do this.

Get yourself some carrots. Bitches Horses love carrots. Go on into the stables (there's an easy entrance through the park off Serrano. And pet those horses!

Some of the horses don't get ridden every day. They (most of them) like the attention of humans (that's you!), especially when said humans have carrots.

Here are your instructions for properly socializing with horses:

1. Look for signs on the horse's bars. Horse-people have a special way of communicating what their horses are thinking through first person signs. Sometimes they say, "I bite," "Don't give me carrots, I'm horse-diabetic (seriously)," or "I'm a republican because I F-ing hate donkeys." Always obey the signs. 

2. Provide a hand for the horse to sniff (this is how you say "Hello! I am not a threat to you, you silly beast!")

3. Watch for ears pointed back sharply or sudden aggressive movements (just like people, some horses are jerks).

4. Give a nice pet on the nose or head, "Good horsie."

5. Break off a 3ish inch piece of carrot and lay it flat on your palm to feed to the creature (make sure to lay your thumb super flat or Horsie may take a bite out of it thinking it's carrot (their eyes are really far away from their mouths, okay?)).

6. Use your psychic powers to connect with animal and virtually ride it into the sunset, "Sweet freedom!"

Wasn't that fun? It's my favorite.

Photos by Shannon Leith.


Juggalos vs. Parrotheads Improv Show

This Friday night (October 5th) at 10:30pm at STAGES Theatre in Fullerton, CA for $7 Cherry Spitz Comedy will be having an epic verses show: 

Juggalos vs. Parrotheads 

 Juggalos are fans of a rap duo called Insane Clown Posse. They all paint their faces in back and white clown make up to express their individuality.

Parrotheads are fans of a singer named Jimmy Buffett. They dress like middle aged tourists in the Caribbean to pretend they're always on vacation.

There will be two teams of 4. The two groups will battle out their extreme differences with short-form improv comedy.

There will be prizes for those who dress up to support either side. Also, the theater is BYOB!

Guys, this is going to be a lot of fun. Whether you're a fan of one of the two, or you didn't know what either group was until just now, you need to come to this show.


Cars Land

John Lasseter, I'm sorry. I'm not a fan of the movie Cars. I know it makes you a crap-load of money due to all the merchandise, but the movie is dull. You have to like cars to like Cars. I don't like that there is a prerequisite to a Disney Pixar film.

However, I was excited for Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure to open. No, I was. I like the direction you (John Lasseter) have taken with the park. It was really lame before. Why would I go to a theme park in California mimicking real locations in California. I'm already here. But now, there's a lot more Pixar/old school Disney stuff going on.

I think Cars Land was the last phase of the big remodel of the park. The idea is really neat. Disney built the town of Radiator Springs (from the movie) in DCA (Disney's California Adventure). I can't think of another part of the park that is literally the setting of the movie come to life. That's really neat.

Walking down the street in Radiator Springs is magical. It's like being in the film. All the buildings are exactly like they are in the movie, and at night, everything lights up in neon. It's beautiful. I was disappointed, however, to discover that most of the buildings are shops or food. I was hoping for more attractions. Sad face.

The Cozy Cone Motel is NOT a motel. WHAT? How cool would that be? "Well, that was a fun ride. I'm going to bed now." Seconds later, BED. Might be noisy since it's in the middle of DCA. BUT COOL. Anyway, it's food. ...it's always food. Each cone has a different food. This is neat/annoying. I can imagine if you're a mom with 3 kids and they each want a different snack you would have to stand in three lines to obtain said sugary/salty treats. "I want popcorn!" "I want churros!" "I want purple drink!" "NO. You stupid kids! We're all getting ice cream cones (get it, cones) and you're going to love them. WHY DID I BRING ALL THREE KIDS TO DLAND AND ACT AS THE ONLY CHAPERONE? WHY!!!"

There are three new rides in Cars Land. Luigi's Flying Tires, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, and the main event: Radiator Springs Racers. 

Luigi's Flying Tires is a two person ride in which your tire is hovering off the ground because of fans blowing upward from the ground. One is meant to lean in the direction one would like to move (though that is barely accurate and coordinating with your fellow rider is a trick). It's kinda like hover-bumper cars. There are a bunch of beach balls floating around for some reason, too.

 Mater's Junkyard Jamboree is a kiddy ride. Guests are in tractors that go around in circles.

Radiator Springs Racers is amazing/disappointing. One rides in a 6-person car. The first half is full of incredible technology depicting animated cars and another Radiator Springs. The animatronics are so impressive. The second half is when one's car races another car full of guests. One doesn't travel as fast as I would like and this part is really short. 

Over all, the body of cars land is beautiful, but the engine is an electric.


Gift Card Spree

You know how twice a year you get a crap-ton of gift cards to places you don't ever go? What do you usually do with them? Add them to the already bursting section of your wallet that you never venture into, of course!

Last week I celebrated my 26th birthday. A few friends/family gave me some very nice gift cards. I went to put them in my wallet in the "gift card section" but they wouldn't fit! So, I did something I've ALWAYS wanted to do (my dreams are simple, people). I had a gift card spree.

First I got all of my gift cards, then I got all of my fiance's gift cards (yes, with his permission) then I called every single one to get the balances. I wrote the balances on the cards with a sharpee.

The next day, we went shopping.

Here's something important to keep in mind. In California, it's the law that a merchant must give a customer the balance of a gift card in cash if that balance is less than $10. So, our goal was to spend enough of each card that it would have less that $10 and we could get the cash.

First we had $15 to Subway. We each got a 6" sub and got $7.21 in return.

Next we went to Jamba Juice with $15. We each got a 16oz smoothie and got $6.75 in return.

Then we went to Fresh and Easy with a $25 gift card and used it to purchase another $25 gift card, but to Best Buy.

After that we headed up to Fry's to check the balance of a card that was in Kc's wallet and didn't have a number to call. It was empty.

Then we went to the wine exchange where we had 3 cards that we had filled with money for wine tasting at different times and got all the money off. That was $24.75.

Down the street was a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf that we had $5 to. Got ourselves $5.

Then we went to Best Buy with our new $25 gift card and an old one with $7 on it. Kc bought two new video games and paid an additional $10.

After that we went to Bath and Body Works where I had $25. I can't use their products because I have sensitive skin and strong flowery smells give me migraines. But, my future mother-in-law's birthday is this weekend and she likes their products (hi, Kathy!). They were having a sale so I got 3 things but had to pitch in $2.

I got a really nice Margarita set for my birthday from Target, but it was one of 2! So, I returned it and got a... gift card. Kc and I got household necessities and $2.18 back.

This was my favorite part. I had two $15 Coldstone cards. So, Kc and I each got something and $10 back. Total of $19.42.

Then we went to Macy's where I had a $37 exchange card. I got some unmentionables and asked for the remaining $6 in cash. Because it was an exchange card, not a gift card, they couldn't do it. So Kc found a t-shirt for $10 on sale. It was on sale again so he ended up spending $1.50 for the shirt.

Next was the movie theater. We saw Paranorman with our $30 to AMC and got $5 back.

After that we walked over to TGI Friday's at the Block in Orange. Yikes. We had $25 and figured we'd go to the bar and have a drink. When we were finished we paid with the card and asked for the remaining balance in cash. The bartender did not understand. So, another bartender came over and explained that they can't do that. I told him that it was the law (I was waiting all day for someone to not know that they had to give us the cash (I even had the wording of the law pulled up on my phone just in case)). We asked to see the manager. The 2nd bartender said they were busy and it would by 15 - 20 minutes. We said that was fine. Then, a moment later we saw what looked like a manager come talk to them and take our gift card. He did not come talk to us. Bartender #2 came back over and said that for future reference this is something that is dealt with on the corporate side, not directly with bartenders and said, "I'm giving you this out of my own pocket to avoid conflict." Then he gave us the $9. We left a $4 tip to bartender #1 and went on our way with (apparently) bartender #2's $5. Not ever going there again - gift card or not (also, Kc recorded the whole thing and is sending it to their corporate offices).

We finished the night with dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. We got two starters and two entrees with our $50. We left a nice tip and still exited with $4.

At the end of the day we only have 2 cards we did not get to use: $50 to Olive Garden and $25 to Hillstone Restaurant Group (who, by the way, will give you all the cash off a gift card the first time you use it. Even if you only spend $3). There are only so many meals in a day, People!

Including what we spent we made almost $60 off our cards and had an awesome day for free!


Reagan Library

"So, Grandma, was it worth it?"


My grandma wanted to go to the Reagan Library for her birthday this year (she's a little wild, I know). Why the Reagan Library? Because Airforce One is there, duh!

Well, it's not ACTUALLY Airforce One because technically that's the term used for ANY plane the current president is on. Really, it's a plane that presidents used to ride around in. And WE got to go inside it! SQUEEE.

The library is located in the beautiful Simi Valley. You should definitely plan a day around visiting because it is not close. But maybe don't plan on eating nearby... because there's nothing - just houses. I mean, I guess you could knock on some people's houses and ask for lunch. Maybe it happens a lot since they live right by the library. Maybe they go to the library every saturday and advertise their home as "Reagan's favorite place he didn't know about" or something. But if you get kidnapped, this was not my idea.

Anyway, the library is a whole lot of Reagan (I'm not sure what I was expecting). There are clips of the films he was in, all kinds of plaques, and an immersive experience of the time he was shot (because we love Reagan SO much we want to feel everything he felt). The whole place is a Reagan love-fest. Did you know he liked jelly beans? I do now. There's a huge picture of the ex president made out of his beloved jelly beans.

We kind of booked it through the museum stuff to get to the plane. That was what Grandma was jonesing for. Did you know there is a class system for the plane? I thought we were a freaking democracy! The very front of the plane is the 'presidents only' section, then the body guards, then other fancy pants types, then more body guards, then less fancy types, then entertainers, then press, then POWs, then anyone French. I figured if you get invited to ride on Airforce One, you basically get to chill and eat Jelly Bellies with the Commander in Chief. Nope, to the back of the plane with you!

Is it weird that I felt sorry for the retired plane?
A happy Reagan birthday for Grandma...


Lego Store

If you had a childhood, you have a fondness for Legos. Downtown Disney recently re-imagineered their Lego Store.

It used to be pretty average - nothing worth visiting unless you needed to buy legos. Now it's more of an experience.

See the 'children' building Lego cars
Fist of all, their are giant Disney figures made completely from Legos all over the place. There's even a dragon battling a knight on the roof. WHOA!

Out front your kids (or grown-ass friends) can build cars to race down a tiny incline (be warned that said friends will spend a very long time discussing wind resistance and weight capacity while trying to kick each others' butts at tiny-Lego-car racing).

This nerd expects you to be fooled
Against the back wall is a thousand pods full of the colorful plastic bricks. One can choose between two sizes (both very expensive) of plastic cups and then fill them to the brim with Legos out of the pods on the wall. I was disappointed to discover, however, that the pods are not full of different Legos all the way to the ceiling, but most have a picture that looks like a bunch of Legos in them! LIARS!

All around the shop are different stations for one to play with and build things. Hurray! Germs! 

Guys, there are way too many themed Lego sets. Every fantasy movie ever has thirty different collections. Was I tempted by the Harry Potter sets... yes (I'm not ashamed). I just wanted to play make-believe with the kids from Hogwarts! But, alas, I know that the child inside me dies more and more every day (I stopped feeding him) and so $50 on a Harry Potter toy would be a complete waste.

She's into it
Holograms! Some of the boxes are rigged to interact with a camera and screen in the store. You hold the box in front of the camera and the set appears above the box on the screen. Then you can rotate the box to get different angles of the completed toy inside. Pretty nifty.

I've decided that when I have a child, I will be able to buy a Harry Potter set for "him/her." I just have to be patient (and maybe be a little 'absent minded' for few days).


Comic Con

Yes, I know that San Diego is not in Orange County, okay? But the event is so big, it might as well be (you didn't think I would be able to justify it, did you?).

I heard that a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Comic Con was an underground thing (not literally). I mean, we can all assume that the convention didn't just break out into existence as the multi billion dollar event it has become (duh). It started in the 70s as just a few nerdy guys exchanging/searching for/interested in comic books. But now it is the place to be if you are involved in or in love with either movies, comics, television, or video games. However, the event generally focuses on the sci fi and fantasy (the nerdiest) genres of all medias listed. 

A fraction of a gazillion people
Do you know how many people are involved in or in love with movies, comics, television, and/or video games in the sci fi or fantasy genre? A gazillion. What started as a few geeks and their superhero make-em-up-books has evolved into something that attracts a gazillion human beings to San Diego every July.

Rumors suggest that in the late 90s/early 2000s Comic Con was not as mainstream as it is now but also not as boring as it was when it began. To have been one of the geeks attending during that sweet spot: heaven.

The elusive Hall H
Moving on: Comic Con 2012 was my first (what? OMG!) Con. Boy, was I naive to the amount of nerds on the planet. Before we left I was looking at the panel schedule and casually selecting which ones I'd like to attend. WAS I CRAZY? At Comic Con, one does not choose which panels they'd like to see - the panels choose you (at least the first several thousand of you that will fit into the room). "Honey, we may have to get into line early to see the Big Bang panel at noon. I'm thinking 9am." Nope, try 4am. The lines for panels were MILES long. There were 10s of thousands of people that tried to get into the Firefly panel that didn't (I heard Nathan Fillion say 200,000 people. That's wrong because there are less than 200,000 attendees. But it was definitely a lot of people).

What's the point? I wanted to see all my fellow nerds dressed up in costume and I was hoping to find some cool Harry Potter or Hunger Games stuff (which there was none of. Surprising, right?). You know what I realized? I didn't need a ticket into the con. There is nothing in the convention center that I can't find online. Even the panels are filmed and posted on YouTube. So, what's the best part of the con? The nerds. You know what nerds are surprisingly good at? Partying.

We're Alive meet and greet
Everyday of the con is followed by hundreds of parties. Every company with a booth throws a party. So here's what you do: make friends with some businesses on twitter and get invited to their party. Don't go into the con, just go to parties. Done.

If you are going to get a four day pass and do the whole Comic Con thing - get a room in the hotel right next door. We stayed with family nearby and took the trolley into to town everyday (which was awesome for money saving). But, when we were walking around and we were hot and we were tired nothing looked better than the Marriott's pool. If you have the money - do that.

Dino letting us cut
Interested in Panels? Bring a friend. The only reason we got to see some panels on the first day was because fans of We're Alive were in line, spotted us, and let us get in line with them. If we had just gotten in line at the end - we wouldn't have gotten in. So I say - coordinate with your friends and make deals. You can get in line for something at 4am on Friday and they can do the same for you on Saturday. But plan to stay in the same ballroom/hall ALL DAY. If you leave, you're not coming back.

"Mufasa," really?
You have to dress up one of the days you go. But, be prepared for no one to recognize what you are (like I said, this event is no longer for a specific type of nerd. The movie nerds are not going to understand your video game character costume and vice versa). I was dressed as Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and got a ton of "Mufasa!" There are also a ton of posers. My fiance was dressed (very authentically) as a character from the Hunger Games. We found a line of people waiting for actors from the HUNGER GAMES to sign some stuff (also, the signing lines are a waste of time and money) and no one recognized his costume. ARE YOU FOR REAL?

In Conclusion:
  • Comic Con is no longer an event for the nerdiest among us
  • Do not plan on going if you fear crowds
  • Option 1: don't buy a pass and just attend parties
  • Option 2: buy a pass, but stay in a hotel nearby
  • If you wear a costume, bring a change of clothes for the evening
  • Get in line for panels the night before
  • Bring a back pack filled with water and food (the convention food is gross)
  • Don't expect to see anything you can't see on the internet


Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki bar
In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki bar
Where the drinks are as sweet as the drunks are
In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki bar

I used to go on vacation to Hawaii a lot with my family. Lately I've been having some major flashbacks to those happy times (right after the divorce) in the sun. Anything that reminds me of Hawaii puts me in a nostalgic trance.

Though I wasn't old enough to drink the last time I was in the Aloha State, sweet drinks with umbrellas make me squee (who started putting umbrellas ellas elllas eh eh eh in drinks? Was that in an effort to keep out the rain? Whatever, it's adorable).

Enchanted is right.
The interior of Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel is a small space covered in tiki masks and bamboo and stuff, but kinda smells like stale beer. The outside, however, overlooks the hotel's pool, has tiki torches all around, and (I can't find a schedule of it) live Hawaiian music (at least it did when I was there (maybe he didn't work for Disney and just shows up?)).

Look at the cool glasses! LOOT AT THEM.
The cocktail menu is full of neat rum drinks. I got something called the shrunken head or the zombie or something and it had cinnamon in it. Kc (my fiance) got the Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum and was disappointed with the drink to ice ratio.

There's food too, but who's really coming to the Enchanted Tiki Bar to eat?

The drinks are pricy because it's a theme bar in Disneyland (I mean, come on) but to enjoy the atmosphere is worth the mark up to me. Just ask for easy ice.