Orange Farmer's Market

Okay, so no smoking and no terriers.
There's a new Farmers' Market (on Saturdays) in town so move over... other... farmers.

Okay, so there's not anything here that other Farmers' Markets don't have. Except if you get there early enough there may be free muffins and coffee! I heart 'free'.

Parking is easy and free.

Oh, and the cherries are AMAZING. There's a cherry guy. You'll know him when you see him. Buy the cherries. Buy ALL the cherries.

There are food trucks out front the market, too. In case you don't want to shop hungry, I guess.

Sometimes there are demos or movie screenings, so check the schedule if that's a thing you're into.

It's not particularly big or small. I like it because it's close to my house. The end.

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