Bettie Page Clothing

Do you love the fashions of Mad Men (when it was set in the 50s, not now that it’s in the 60s, yuck (used car salesman, anyone? (no offence to used car salespeople, of course. I’m sure it’s a lucrative and satisfying career)))? I certainly do. I find it inspiring.
It was A LOT of hard work, but I bagged a (human) man. We’re getting married in September 2013. Oh, stop it, with all the “congratulations” already! Really. I mean after you a hear a word 4 or 5 times it’s like, “Ahhh! Stop. I forget what that word means.” Yeah, people love me.
Anyway, I’ll be wearing my grandmother’s wedding dress, circa 1953. This has inspired a 1950s engagement shoot that my Maid of Honor/super talented photographer will be doing.
I'll be taking your husband now, thnx
When I was getting hammered and making bad decisions (how I met my fiancĂ© (that’s a lie)) in Vegas a few months ago I discovered the “Bettie Page Clothing” store and loved the way the slim cut dresses flattered my sexy sexy body. I bought a black one and wore it that night. It’s a new favorite.
Famous in the 1950s for her fetish modeling and pin-up photos, the iconic “Queen of Pinups” — one of Playboy Magazine’s first “Playmates of the Month”Bettie Page continues to captivate millions of men and women around the world with her youthful sexy image, voluptuous figure, and signature jet black hair with short-cut bangs and blue eyes.
The store offers a variety of hot dresses (mostly), outfits, swimwear, and accessories inspired by the style of the late Bettie Page.
The fiance section
I went to the Hollywood location to find some dresses for my upcoming engagement shoot. It’s a lot bigger than the Vegas location. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size in either of the two dresses that I fell in love with. But I ended up getting a bathing suit and crinoline (the thing that poofs out full skirts). The staff is super friendly and helpful. They took my number to help my track down one of the dresses that isn’t available on the website anymore. That’s another thing, the website has practically everything the store does, but I’ve found it’s really important to try the dresses on. BUT one can buy online and exchange to the store – so there’s that.
I'm from Mad Men now 


Laser Quest

Pew! Pew! Pew (That’s the sound of a laser gun, not the sound someone makes when it smells bad in here)!
My adult friend, Lars!
Because I’m an adult with adult friends I went to play laser tag at Laser Quest in Fullerton for my friend, Alex Herrera's birthday. AND IT WAS AWESOME.
We didn’t do the birthday package, we didn’t even make a reservation – and there were a lot of us AND it was a Saturday night. We just walked in and signed up. One pays $9 per person, per game (that might be a group rate, I’d call for more details). Each game is 20 minutes long. We waited only about 25 minutes before we got to go suit up (put on a vest with blinking lights). Oh, and you get to make a code name with a print out at the end of the game saying how many times you hit “ManBoy12” and how many times “TinkerTart33” hit you at the end.
“You guys wanna hear some uh, some techno when you’re in there or um… some Star War-“
So, we won and got to listen to the Star Wars score while we were in there (my favorite part).
Room full of boys name choice fail
There were maybe twenty in our party which means that there were a few straggling children (easy targets) in our midst and one freaky dude who I’m pretty sure lives there and might be 108 years old but perfectly preserved at around 40 because of all (I’m assuming) the black light exposure.
Then, one gets into the dark warehouse-sized room and romps through the terrifying black plywood maze shooting one's friends. There’s an upstairs that got overrun by children during our first game. That move made us nerds so angry that we complained to each other about it later. That’ll teach those stupid children. Ruining our adult fun.

Because I’m a coward, my strategy is to find a nice, dark corner to nestle into, then defend, defend, cry a little, and defend! One time I got tricked out of my safe little corner by the creepy old laser dude (who promptly disappeared (maybe he’s a ghost?)) to find it had been swiftly reoccupied and I was a wreck! But, aha, I formed an alliance and we were victorious (that’s a lie, we were destroyed)! But I learned how not to be afraid and just have FUN! PEW! PEW! PEW! Something smells in here…


Star Wars Improv

I know what you want. You're a geek... Ergo Star Wars. F-ing Star Wars EVERYWHERE. All the GD time. Am I right? I'm right.

I can help a little. Tomorrow night (May 4th, 2012) at STAGES in Fullerton is a Star Wars Improv Show:


George Lucas is at it again! The Star Wars saga still isn't perfect enough and he needs to make it even better! Starting with the original - A New Hope.

This time, he wants the fans' input!

Luke! Leia! Han! Chewi! Obi-Wan! Vader! The rebels! The Empire! EVERBODY is back and they're all getting enhanced whether they want to or not!

New lines! New special effects! New sub-plots! All as suggested by fans in the audience!

Be there to shape the latest incarnation of the most epic space-opera ever to feature a Wookie!

Feel free to dress up, bring lightsabers and get into it! Photos with cast after show are totally encouraged.

Show is $10 and starts promptly at 10:30pm.

All the usual STAGEStheater perks apply! Show up early to ensure seating!

When I played Chewy in 2006

Yours Truly is playing Chewbacca. I made my costume from a thousand a hundred twenty 2 pelts of the most ferocious (synthetic) grizzlies Yosemite had to offer (they're endangered - turns out - also, side note, completely unrelated, Yosemite has the nicest holding cell I've ever seen. Really, do yourself a favor and stop by for an afternoon).

My friend and fellow Cherry Spitz member, Erik Wargo, is spearheading this event. Last year he did the Marvel vs. DC improv show. Remember that one? Yeah. Okay, then. This will be better.