Horseback Riding

"Please don't let the giant sit on me."
By now, dear reader (I know who you are), you've realized that I heart animals. I love petting, cuddling, and asking them rhetorical questions ("Who's a handsome kitty?"). But no animal can bring me as much joy as the horse. Why? Because one can ride a horse (I tried riding my dog but she collapsed. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure she'll get up soon). Riding a horse is the closest one can get (in real life) to being an animal.

There's a little stable off the 57 freeway (fun fact: only Californians say 'the' before naming a freeway) in Anaheim named Rancho Del Rio. You know what you can do there? Huh? You know what? You can get horseback riding lessons there!
"OMG, fine. We'll turn right."
Ava has a business called Paramount Performance. She has a couple awesome trainers and a couple pretty horses. Lessons are private and affordable. If you've never ridden before, or if you (like me) just want a reason to ride, I recommend checking them out (they accommodate all ages).


Orange Flag Ceremony

Goodnight, Flag. Sleep well.

Papa Bear
Every Wednesday at 6pm in the center of the Orange Circle (AKA the Plaza (AAKA Chapman and Glassell)), Mark Wayland and his gang of military misfits say, "I love you" to America. How? They take down the flag in the center of town and give it all of its deserved pomp and circumstance - there is saluting, someone playing Taps, and the flag gets folded by like 20 guys into one of those little triangles you sometimes folded a piece of paper into to play football with in class.

The environment is filled with hats and t-shirts that say something cheeky about being a Marine. Plus about 40% of the people that come to this event are part of this Harley Davidson riding group called the Patriot Guard. They like to dress like they're in a scary motorcycle gang, but they're mostly ex-military grandpas.

"Then we use it play football, right?"
Before the main event, Mark stands in front of the group with special announcements. He will usually talk about someone who is over seas fighting, or is MIA, or list names of those that have been lost recently in the Iraq War. Then there's a moment of silence.

If you dig America, the military, or Taps, you would enjoy this half hour event in the Circle/Plaza.


Orange Farmer's Market

Okay, so no smoking and no terriers.
There's a new Farmers' Market (on Saturdays) in town so move over... other... farmers.

Okay, so there's not anything here that other Farmers' Markets don't have. Except if you get there early enough there may be free muffins and coffee! I heart 'free'.

Parking is easy and free.

Oh, and the cherries are AMAZING. There's a cherry guy. You'll know him when you see him. Buy the cherries. Buy ALL the cherries.

There are food trucks out front the market, too. In case you don't want to shop hungry, I guess.

Sometimes there are demos or movie screenings, so check the schedule if that's a thing you're into.

It's not particularly big or small. I like it because it's close to my house. The end.