Horseback Riding

"Please don't let the giant sit on me."
By now, dear reader (I know who you are), you've realized that I heart animals. I love petting, cuddling, and asking them rhetorical questions ("Who's a handsome kitty?"). But no animal can bring me as much joy as the horse. Why? Because one can ride a horse (I tried riding my dog but she collapsed. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure she'll get up soon). Riding a horse is the closest one can get (in real life) to being an animal.

There's a little stable off the 57 freeway (fun fact: only Californians say 'the' before naming a freeway) in Anaheim named Rancho Del Rio. You know what you can do there? Huh? You know what? You can get horseback riding lessons there!
"OMG, fine. We'll turn right."
Ava has a business called Paramount Performance. She has a couple awesome trainers and a couple pretty horses. Lessons are private and affordable. If you've never ridden before, or if you (like me) just want a reason to ride, I recommend checking them out (they accommodate all ages).

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