Bettie Page Clothing

Do you love the fashions of Mad Men (when it was set in the 50s, not now that it’s in the 60s, yuck (used car salesman, anyone? (no offence to used car salespeople, of course. I’m sure it’s a lucrative and satisfying career)))? I certainly do. I find it inspiring.
It was A LOT of hard work, but I bagged a (human) man. We’re getting married in September 2013. Oh, stop it, with all the “congratulations” already! Really. I mean after you a hear a word 4 or 5 times it’s like, “Ahhh! Stop. I forget what that word means.” Yeah, people love me.
Anyway, I’ll be wearing my grandmother’s wedding dress, circa 1953. This has inspired a 1950s engagement shoot that my Maid of Honor/super talented photographer will be doing.
I'll be taking your husband now, thnx
When I was getting hammered and making bad decisions (how I met my fiancé (that’s a lie)) in Vegas a few months ago I discovered the “Bettie Page Clothing” store and loved the way the slim cut dresses flattered my sexy sexy body. I bought a black one and wore it that night. It’s a new favorite.
Famous in the 1950s for her fetish modeling and pin-up photos, the iconic “Queen of Pinups” — one of Playboy Magazine’s first “Playmates of the Month”Bettie Page continues to captivate millions of men and women around the world with her youthful sexy image, voluptuous figure, and signature jet black hair with short-cut bangs and blue eyes.
The store offers a variety of hot dresses (mostly), outfits, swimwear, and accessories inspired by the style of the late Bettie Page.
The fiance section
I went to the Hollywood location to find some dresses for my upcoming engagement shoot. It’s a lot bigger than the Vegas location. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size in either of the two dresses that I fell in love with. But I ended up getting a bathing suit and crinoline (the thing that poofs out full skirts). The staff is super friendly and helpful. They took my number to help my track down one of the dresses that isn’t available on the website anymore. That’s another thing, the website has practically everything the store does, but I’ve found it’s really important to try the dresses on. BUT one can buy online and exchange to the store – so there’s that.
I'm from Mad Men now 


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