Buena Vista Street/Carthay Circle Restaurant

Cramped - too close to other humans
Buena Vista Street is complete!

For what feels like years, Disney's California Adventure's entrance has been under construction. It's been super frustrating to make your way through the sectioned off pathways to get into the park.

Finally, the payoff.

Old: Tacky
I don't know if you remember the original "Main Street" in DCA (Disney's California Adventure), but it was dull and ugly. The concept for the park was lame and some of the ideas were just dumb. It used to be a mini golden gate bridge to walk under and then a big golden sun waterfall thingy. The kids loved it (sarcasm).

New: Elegant
Now the entrance is BEAUTIFUL. The street is so bright and cheery, but at the same time magical. It's perfectly Disney. The concept was to bring old-time (30s) LA to life. Success. Unfortunately within most of these brand new beautiful buildings are shops and restaurants. SPEND YER MONEY!

Amongst these typical shops and restaurants, however, hides a gem: The Carthay Circle Restaurant's lounge.

The theater w/ an identity crises
At the very end of the street is what looks like and old theater - but don't be fooled - it's a restaurant (I was actually disappointed to discover this at first because I had heard that this would be a theater playing Snow White on loop). The Carthay Circle is a shmancy restaurant that requires reservations (ooh la la). Upstairs is the dining, but downstairs is a lounge.

The lounge is decorated like a high-end 1930s bar. There are bar tables and comfy lounge-style tables scattered around. There's a really well-designed cocktail menu (yes, I liked the design of the menu) and a large selection of wines by the bottle and glass.

In the 30s, every table had bongos
The best part about this place is what Kc (my fiance) described as a trash filter at the door. The people in here are calm, quiet, and seem sophisticated (maybe it's the ambiance). It's like a little escape from Disneyland in the middle of Disneyland: GENIUS.

I had a Tequila Daisy, I think? It was a frothy pink cocktail with a sugared flower garnish. Kc ordered a bottle of wine to split with a friend (hi Carman). 

The sevice was excellent and the drinks were great. We had a hard time leaving.

You. Make me uncomfortable
P.S. We went to the new ice cream place on Buena Vista Street and there was a weird new face character in there. I think she is a telegram - something. She's dressed like a 30s messenger boy and walks around talking to (annoying) guests. I don't get it. 

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