Lego Store

If you had a childhood, you have a fondness for Legos. Downtown Disney recently re-imagineered their Lego Store.

It used to be pretty average - nothing worth visiting unless you needed to buy legos. Now it's more of an experience.

See the 'children' building Lego cars
Fist of all, their are giant Disney figures made completely from Legos all over the place. There's even a dragon battling a knight on the roof. WHOA!

Out front your kids (or grown-ass friends) can build cars to race down a tiny incline (be warned that said friends will spend a very long time discussing wind resistance and weight capacity while trying to kick each others' butts at tiny-Lego-car racing).

This nerd expects you to be fooled
Against the back wall is a thousand pods full of the colorful plastic bricks. One can choose between two sizes (both very expensive) of plastic cups and then fill them to the brim with Legos out of the pods on the wall. I was disappointed to discover, however, that the pods are not full of different Legos all the way to the ceiling, but most have a picture that looks like a bunch of Legos in them! LIARS!

All around the shop are different stations for one to play with and build things. Hurray! Germs! 

Guys, there are way too many themed Lego sets. Every fantasy movie ever has thirty different collections. Was I tempted by the Harry Potter sets... yes (I'm not ashamed). I just wanted to play make-believe with the kids from Hogwarts! But, alas, I know that the child inside me dies more and more every day (I stopped feeding him) and so $50 on a Harry Potter toy would be a complete waste.

She's into it
Holograms! Some of the boxes are rigged to interact with a camera and screen in the store. You hold the box in front of the camera and the set appears above the box on the screen. Then you can rotate the box to get different angles of the completed toy inside. Pretty nifty.

I've decided that when I have a child, I will be able to buy a Harry Potter set for "him/her." I just have to be patient (and maybe be a little 'absent minded' for few days).

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