Cars Land

John Lasseter, I'm sorry. I'm not a fan of the movie Cars. I know it makes you a crap-load of money due to all the merchandise, but the movie is dull. You have to like cars to like Cars. I don't like that there is a prerequisite to a Disney Pixar film.

However, I was excited for Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure to open. No, I was. I like the direction you (John Lasseter) have taken with the park. It was really lame before. Why would I go to a theme park in California mimicking real locations in California. I'm already here. But now, there's a lot more Pixar/old school Disney stuff going on.

I think Cars Land was the last phase of the big remodel of the park. The idea is really neat. Disney built the town of Radiator Springs (from the movie) in DCA (Disney's California Adventure). I can't think of another part of the park that is literally the setting of the movie come to life. That's really neat.

Walking down the street in Radiator Springs is magical. It's like being in the film. All the buildings are exactly like they are in the movie, and at night, everything lights up in neon. It's beautiful. I was disappointed, however, to discover that most of the buildings are shops or food. I was hoping for more attractions. Sad face.

The Cozy Cone Motel is NOT a motel. WHAT? How cool would that be? "Well, that was a fun ride. I'm going to bed now." Seconds later, BED. Might be noisy since it's in the middle of DCA. BUT COOL. Anyway, it's food. ...it's always food. Each cone has a different food. This is neat/annoying. I can imagine if you're a mom with 3 kids and they each want a different snack you would have to stand in three lines to obtain said sugary/salty treats. "I want popcorn!" "I want churros!" "I want purple drink!" "NO. You stupid kids! We're all getting ice cream cones (get it, cones) and you're going to love them. WHY DID I BRING ALL THREE KIDS TO DLAND AND ACT AS THE ONLY CHAPERONE? WHY!!!"

There are three new rides in Cars Land. Luigi's Flying Tires, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, and the main event: Radiator Springs Racers. 

Luigi's Flying Tires is a two person ride in which your tire is hovering off the ground because of fans blowing upward from the ground. One is meant to lean in the direction one would like to move (though that is barely accurate and coordinating with your fellow rider is a trick). It's kinda like hover-bumper cars. There are a bunch of beach balls floating around for some reason, too.

 Mater's Junkyard Jamboree is a kiddy ride. Guests are in tractors that go around in circles.

Radiator Springs Racers is amazing/disappointing. One rides in a 6-person car. The first half is full of incredible technology depicting animated cars and another Radiator Springs. The animatronics are so impressive. The second half is when one's car races another car full of guests. One doesn't travel as fast as I would like and this part is really short. 

Over all, the body of cars land is beautiful, but the engine is an electric.

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