Juggalos vs. Parrotheads Improv Show

This Friday night (October 5th) at 10:30pm at STAGES Theatre in Fullerton, CA for $7 Cherry Spitz Comedy will be having an epic verses show: 

Juggalos vs. Parrotheads 

 Juggalos are fans of a rap duo called Insane Clown Posse. They all paint their faces in back and white clown make up to express their individuality.

Parrotheads are fans of a singer named Jimmy Buffett. They dress like middle aged tourists in the Caribbean to pretend they're always on vacation.

There will be two teams of 4. The two groups will battle out their extreme differences with short-form improv comedy.

There will be prizes for those who dress up to support either side. Also, the theater is BYOB!

Guys, this is going to be a lot of fun. Whether you're a fan of one of the two, or you didn't know what either group was until just now, you need to come to this show.

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