Serrano Creek Ranch Equestrian Center

I'm a little surprised at myself for sharing this information with you. It's sort of top secret. Shhh.

Do you like horses? You have to know a little bit about horses for this to be a fun adventure. Go read a book. Did you read a book about horses? Good, okay, let's continue.

There's a stable in Lake Forest that I used to get horseback riding lessons at. There are lots of pretty ponies there (I said you have to know about horses - and if you know about horses you call them pretty ponies. Okay?). 

Now, (COA) I do not recommend you actually do any of this. I'm just telling you how. Not that you should. Got it? Don't do this.

Get yourself some carrots. Bitches Horses love carrots. Go on into the stables (there's an easy entrance through the park off Serrano. And pet those horses!

Some of the horses don't get ridden every day. They (most of them) like the attention of humans (that's you!), especially when said humans have carrots.

Here are your instructions for properly socializing with horses:

1. Look for signs on the horse's bars. Horse-people have a special way of communicating what their horses are thinking through first person signs. Sometimes they say, "I bite," "Don't give me carrots, I'm horse-diabetic (seriously)," or "I'm a republican because I F-ing hate donkeys." Always obey the signs. 

2. Provide a hand for the horse to sniff (this is how you say "Hello! I am not a threat to you, you silly beast!")

3. Watch for ears pointed back sharply or sudden aggressive movements (just like people, some horses are jerks).

4. Give a nice pet on the nose or head, "Good horsie."

5. Break off a 3ish inch piece of carrot and lay it flat on your palm to feed to the creature (make sure to lay your thumb super flat or Horsie may take a bite out of it thinking it's carrot (their eyes are really far away from their mouths, okay?)).

6. Use your psychic powers to connect with animal and virtually ride it into the sunset, "Sweet freedom!"

Wasn't that fun? It's my favorite.

Photos by Shannon Leith.

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