Canyon Fireside Grill

"Let's all go out dancing in our blue dresses!"
Confirmation: there is no dancing in RSM.

Oh, no! Were you hoping to go out dancing with your girlfriends in Rancho Santa Margarita? Did you read on OC Weekly that the Canyon Fireside Grill has live music and dancing on Friday and Saturday nights? Well, they don't. Not really.

Yes, they do have a band. Is the music danceable? No. Even after drinking tequila all day? Yep. Was there ANYONE dancing? No. OMG, why don't you believe me, already? Go check it out for yourself, then. Sheesh. 

We had dinner and drinks as the restaurant was closing, assuming we'd go over to the bar (where the "live entertainment" was perched) to mingle afterward. Nope. No, thank you. Nothing but Cougars and 60-year-old men wearing gold chains.

You should put on your website that there is a band and old cronies sitting at the bar. Not that the whole place transforms into a nightclub at 9pm. You have clearly never been to a nightclub, Canyon Fireside Grill. Also, your promotional video is obnoxiously misleading.

This should be your video. Because this is what actually happened:

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