Swap Meet

Affordable family fun! That's what the website for the Orange County Market Place describes itself as. I don't know about you, but when I was a child I was not begging to go shopping. I was like, "You're going where? And it's how early on a Saturday morning? Nope. Leave me with my cartoons and sugar-cereal, Lady." In hindsight, my dad probably didn't like me calling him that.

As a broke-ass college student (before torrents (man, I'm old)), buying bootlegged (probably) dvds on the cheap was worth getting my butt up at the crack of 11am on a Saturday. 'Beautie' products are also a popular less expensive alternative to the fancy 'beauty' products found at Target and other fine retailers.  

"Lemme in! Or, I'm gonna shoot stuff!"

Is Xmas coming (isn't it always... technically)? How about getting that special someone in your life an "I Love Lucy" tin thingy. Or a hat/stuffed animal. Maybe a leatherish car seat cover. Or any of the other millions of fine products made in China. A happy Xmas for everyone, I say!

SIGNS! Oh, F-Yes!
Also, while in college, I thought the fruit/veggies at the swap meet were a good alternative to having to actually grocery shop like an adult. It must all be local, right? This is like a Farmers' Market or something, isn't it? ISN'T IT?! Nope. Everything is from Chile. Don't buy the produce.

But you CAN (yes, I have the authority to tell you what to do)buy the jerky, the pickles, and the hand-made jewelry/art. That stuff is all made locally. Support your fellow Orangite (is that the thing that we're called?)!

Punctuation is important.
Another awesome thing about the swap meet, people watching! The "humans" that show up to this thing are s t r a n g e. People I have never seen the likes of in Fashion Island. Men with overalls and no shirts, teenagers pushing strollers with children holding pregnant babies inside, that couple that thinks that if they wear Ed Hardy T shirts and bedazzled baseball caps we'll mistake them for wealthy, and the only plastic surgery for miles is breast implants! No nose jobs, no face lips, no botox, no brow lifts, no lip implants... It's like an alternate OC.

"Kitchen supplies get me so hot."
It costs $2 to get in and it's located at the fair grounds. You've probably been to the swap meet before. If you haven't, WHAT? Who are you? Go, right now (if it's a Saturday or Sunday morning). You need to see this

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