Reagan Library

"So, Grandma, was it worth it?"


My grandma wanted to go to the Reagan Library for her birthday this year (she's a little wild, I know). Why the Reagan Library? Because Airforce One is there, duh!

Well, it's not ACTUALLY Airforce One because technically that's the term used for ANY plane the current president is on. Really, it's a plane that presidents used to ride around in. And WE got to go inside it! SQUEEE.

The library is located in the beautiful Simi Valley. You should definitely plan a day around visiting because it is not close. But maybe don't plan on eating nearby... because there's nothing - just houses. I mean, I guess you could knock on some people's houses and ask for lunch. Maybe it happens a lot since they live right by the library. Maybe they go to the library every saturday and advertise their home as "Reagan's favorite place he didn't know about" or something. But if you get kidnapped, this was not my idea.

Anyway, the library is a whole lot of Reagan (I'm not sure what I was expecting). There are clips of the films he was in, all kinds of plaques, and an immersive experience of the time he was shot (because we love Reagan SO much we want to feel everything he felt). The whole place is a Reagan love-fest. Did you know he liked jelly beans? I do now. There's a huge picture of the ex president made out of his beloved jelly beans.

We kind of booked it through the museum stuff to get to the plane. That was what Grandma was jonesing for. Did you know there is a class system for the plane? I thought we were a freaking democracy! The very front of the plane is the 'presidents only' section, then the body guards, then other fancy pants types, then more body guards, then less fancy types, then entertainers, then press, then POWs, then anyone French. I figured if you get invited to ride on Airforce One, you basically get to chill and eat Jelly Bellies with the Commander in Chief. Nope, to the back of the plane with you!

Is it weird that I felt sorry for the retired plane?
A happy Reagan birthday for Grandma...

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