Loving Hut

The evil vegan orders her lunch.
Once upon a time, a mommy and daddy yam-shrimp noticed how empty their yam-shrimp-house was and wanted very badly to have a baby. On a beautiful ocean day, their little yam-shrimp was born. They loved him very much and they named him Christopher. Christopher was the nicest yam-shrimp in his class. One day he was playing fin-ball in the yard when an evil vegan yam-shrimp-napped him. He screamed for the vegan not to hurt him. The vegan ignored Christopher. He cried as he accepted the inevitable – that he would never see his parents again. The vegan had a tasty lunch.
Wait a second. Yam-shrimps are made from yams! Christopher must be a shrimp-shrimp.
That means, when I go to the Loving Hut Restaurant in Orange, I won’t eat anyone’s son or daughter!
The Orange 'Chicken'
Located in the middle of a strip mall on Tustin, the Loving Hut is serving FANTASTIC 100% vegan cuisine. I mean, AMAZING. My favorite is the orange ‘chicken,’ but I haven’t disliked anything I’ve tried. I‘m a little wary of the philly cheese steak. How the heck do they make that vegan? I think maybe they use magic to make their ‘meat’ seem so meat-like.
I’m okay with eating magic: As long as I’m not eating Christopher.
Photo Credit - Bert Brown


  1. To tell the truth, a vegan philly cheese steak at Native Foods was the straw that made a vegan-hating carnivore into something more curious and sympathetic.

  2. yams have feelings too, Blaire.
    and sons.