Tranquil Tea Lounge

“Yes, yes, step right in! Good to see you. Now, what’s ailing you? Is it a young lady’s heart you desire? Or maybe it is luck you crave? Perhaps you’d like to sleep less and work more? I have a potion for every ailment and an elixir for every wish. All you have to do is choose one by sight and smell, only!”
Choose wisely.
Tranquil Tea Lounge in Fullerton boasts an entire wall of colorful, scentiful, loose-leaf teas. That’s fun. Flavors ranging from Mardi Gras to blueberry muffin. Grab some blindfolds and you have yourself a party game!
Selecting your tea is the most fun part. After that, the experience has nowhere to go but down. Oh, wait, except for the tea pots and glasses, they’re adorable!
The eatery area is not very comfortable or private. Also, their use of Papyrus is frustrating.
But, picking out the tea is fu-u-un.


  1. i wanted to go there until you said they use papyrus.

  2. hahah papyrus. never a good choice.

    i still want to go; i'll just wear a blindfold the entire time.

    that's me in a blindfold.