Food Trucks

I want the one with the mostest fruitests.
One day I’d like to see a movie version of a food fight escalate to the point where a food truck crashes through the wall - just a dream I have.
Food trucks are neat. I like them mostly because the portions are small enough to taste lots of different things. I think restaurants should allow me to choose several different entrees to have tastes of instead of having to commit to one. I’m indecisive.
Fullerton has a few food trucks hang out downtown on Tuesday nights from 5pm – 9pm.
Fun Fact: Not all trucks serve food.
My friend, Bert, and I investigated. (He’s somewhat of a food truck expert as this is the SECOND truck-based dining event he’s taken me to.)
We got there around 8:30pm and some of the trucks were closing up or had left.
We did get to have some herbivore fries at the OC Food Truck. And Bert got a lychee berry drinky thingy that was way delicious.
I was really looking forward to getting snacks at the Bakery Truck, but they closed up.
I will definitely go back – but earlier in the evening.
Oh, and FYI, if you’re into food trucks like Bert, he recommends the iPhone app: Truxmap. Pretty cool.


  1. i like how your food truck entry talks only about two trucks. hilarious. i think i was expecting like, 10.

  2. I will be fantasizing about the food truck entering a food fight the rest of the day. And then about two or more food trucks fighting.

    free tacos flying from the brawl!