Twilight Midnight Screening

Umm... This isn't me.
No. Eww. No. I am NOT a Twi-hard. Gross. I HAVE a life.

I just find Edward sexy. Okay? That's it. OKAY? I'm not into the story. I just like to look at the pretty men.

So, now that you know that... The Midnight screening for Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is coming up.

November 17th/18th midnight. I will be at Irvine Spectrum. No, not alone. I will be with several others. No, they're not all girls. No, they're not all single. Wow, you are really judgmental.

Having read the books, I can tell you that this one is pretty juicy. Yes, I read the books. No, only twice. But you don't need to read the books to know what's going to happen in this one. It's ALL in the trailer. Seriously. This is the most revealing trailer I have ever seen:

Anyway, I'm not dressing up. And, it's because I don't care very much, not because there are no iconic costumes in the series. 

I may have put a shirt on my dog that said, "Team Jacob" at the last Twilight midnight screening, but that was HER choice. SHE is a NERD.

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