Improv Cup 2011

Some of you may remember that I entered the Improv Cup last year. It was way fun and all done for a charity.

This year I entered again. Did you see that coming? I did. Only, this time, I have a partner. A GREAT partner. The GREATEST partner. We will likely win. Why? Because I can see the future. And, in the future, there is a 70% chance that myself and my partner will win the 2011 Improv Cup. Notice, I chose the word 'likely' and not 'absolutely'. I believe these are the rules weather forecasters play by. I know what you are thinking, "but you are not a weather forecaster." This is true, but I strive to be as upstanding as those fine human examples of morality. Also, now would be the time to tell you that in addition to seeing the future, I know what you're thinking, as previously demonstrated.

Your next question, "Blaire. Who have you partnered with?" For that, my sweets, you will have to wait. My mystery partner is... a mystery. For now, you may guess. I will guess, too. But all of my guesses will be correct. Because... I can see the future.

I will give you a hint. 


Is not him.

The OC Improv Cup
Stages Theater in Fullerton
November 11th and 12th

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