Boba: The Quest for Perfection (Lollicup, Fullerton)

While making the funny happen at the Improv Cup in Fullerton this weekend, I became parched. Luckily, there is an awesome boba shop right around the corner from the theatre!
This place has plenty of relaxing space. It’s really open and airy. There is a shelf full of board games, two hilariously confusing Japanese video games, and a few sets of couches.
The quality of the boba was spot-on. My tea was delicious: Really smooth and mild, not too sweet.
I also enjoyed some tofu. SO GOOD.
There is no sign out front. It just says “Coffee and Tea” in tiny letters. Also, one entire wall of the store is windows. When it’s dark outside, who knows what might be watching! Creepy.
4/5 bobas.

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