There it is! That green soda is Mr. Q. Cucumber!

Now, I’m not a soda drinker, but when I heard about this place I HAD to go.
Galco’s is a soda/candy/beer shop in Los Angeles. Not just any soda/candy/beer: hard-to-find/independent/disappearing soda/candy/beer.
The main event, though, is the SODA. The owner of the shop is crazy in-love with soda. He hunts down independent brewers like a soda bounty hunter then makes them an offer they can’t refuse. He carries around 500 different kinds of the sugary beverage.
"Take us with you."
What are the stipulations to becoming a member of this carbonation carnival? You must be in a glass bottle. Plastic is the enemy. AND, you should be made with real cane sugar. Not all of the beverages carried here have rejected the corn syrup model. But, most are sweetened with nature’s sugar: sugar. Take that diabetes.
The prices are extremely reasonable. Most bottles are around a dollar. That’s less than a stupid old PLASTIC (yuck) bottle of coke from a vending machine.
This place is so fun. I felt like a kid in a soda/candy/beer store. We may have ended up spending $60 on glass bottles of carbonated sugar water… But now we have a Noah’s arc of root beer in the fridge.
Best/strangest flavor? Mr. Q. Cucumber. AMAZING. Buy it. Drink it. LOVE it.


  1. nature's sugar is my favorite kind of sugar.

    ...think of the CA cash redemption off all your bottles! it's probably over $3!

  2. I'll have to partner with you over the individual flavors and ratings.

  3. Awesome find, Blaire. This is really cool. Looks like you found something The Food Network as yet to tap!