Natraj Cuisine of India

That guy might be a nerd...
Is Indian food considered geeky? I don’t know, but I had to write about this restaurant.
My friends Sean and Sam took me to Natraj Cuisine of India in Belmont Shore. I’ve only had Indian food maybe twice before, but this was AMAZING.
Sean and Sam are regulars at this restaurant and thus are treated like royalty. We were warmly greeted by the owner the moment we walked in. The warm ‘hello’s continue from every staff member we came across.
Natraj is a little bit of a hole-in-the-wall (my favorite kind of hole (I know)). The restaurant is quiet and dark and warm and fresh. The décor is not too cheesy: There is a wall mural of the Taj Mahal, but, c’mon, isn’t that standard practice?
We ordered a plethora of vegetarian dishes. As well as some rice and garlic naan. SO GOOD. And, because Sean and Sam are on 'the list', we got to share a complimentary frozen cheesy piece of heaven. Then the owner came back over to us and wanted to make sure I, specifically, was satisfied.
So, after your love interest agrees to a second date (since you took him/her to The Library for coffee on your first date), take him/her to Natraj Cuisine of India and relish in the, “You know all the good places,” compliments you are sure to receive.

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