The Library: A Coffee Shop

I don't know these people.
Do you like hot beverages? What about books?
I stumbled upon a way-cool geek-friendly coffee shop in Long Beach: The Library.
Think of the kind of coffee shop you see in movies and TV shows. Central Perk, anyone? Those sort of lounge-coffee shops don’t really exist, right? In the real world we have stark, always-the-same, Starbucks. Not so fast, Mr. Negative.
This place is so comfortable and cozy. I browsed through books, made 2 new friends, and enjoyed a delicious soy chai tea latte. If I had the foresight to have brought my laptop, I may have been inspired to write a novel – who knows. It’s just THAT awesome of a place.
If you’re a nerd without the courage to ask a someone on a real date and instead asks him or her to ‘coffee’. This is where you should take that person to get said coffee. Your guest will, for sure, agree to a second date to see what other amazing hidden places you know about.
One draw-back: parking. Isn’t that just Long Beach in general, though?

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