Boba: The Quest for Perfection (Lollicup, Orange)

It’s been a few years since I quit my addiction to Boba drinks. I think it’s time to start it back up.
If you don’t know what boba is, firstly, what kind of geek are you? Secondly, it’s tapioca. You know the little chewy balls in tapioca pudding? That’s the tapioca. Bobas are larger, slightly sweet, black balls (yeah, I know) that the Taiwanese started throwing into their tea.
 A few years ago boba shops started popping up all over the place (but mostly in Irvine). The two chains I’m most familiar with are Tapioca Express and Lollicup.
The idea behind Boba Shops is to provide, not only a delectable variety of milk and bubble teas, bobas with a balanced chewy consistency, and affordable prices, but to create a geek-friendly hang out zone. This usually consists of been bag chairs, couches and free wifi.
I am now officially kicking off my hunt for the best boba shop in OC!
First up: Lollicup in Orange. 
It's time to buy a new menu board.
This shop was a mess. Papers were taped up everywhere announcing different sales or new products. The kitchen looked in shambles. The menu board had new prices taped on top of old ones and some things crossed out. A 1999 Christina Aguilera concert was on the flat screen (someone asked if it could be changed, it couldn’t be). There were old cups and snacks from guests long-gone that were still out. The store is also really narrow and doesn’t provide a comfortable lounge area. Plus, there was only one dude working when, clearly, there needed to be at least two. Orders were pilling up on him.
"I'm unimpressive."
The quality of the tea was so-so. My chocolate snow bubble (like a slushy) was pretty icy. The bobas were over-cooked, and thus, slimy.
The location does offer free wifi. The state of the place might have been because of someone calling out sick. And, this was my first boba drink in a long time.
I give Lollicup in Orange 1/5 bobas.


  1. so many gems in this post. WHO ARE YOU and why do i get the luckyness in my life of being your friend?

  2. Are there any other Boba places in OC? Maybe you should review them too...

  3. Are you being sarcastic? There are thousands.