Nerdy Thursday

Some 'bros'.

A collection of musicians, comedians, short video makers, and poets gather at Mulberry St Restorante every Thursday night to put on a free variety show.
Every week has a different theme. Themes of the past include ‘post-apocalyptic’, ‘dinosaurs’, and ‘the 90s’. This week was ‘bros’. Thus, all of the acts revolved around making fun of the anti-geek, the bro. The re-occurring jokes were fantastic. “Which is better, Sublime or Lip Bizkit? Havasu or Lake Powell? A raised F150 or a raised F350? Tribal tattoos or nautical stars?...” The event itself, however, seemed like a group of friends that got together at someone’s apartment every week, not a professional show.
Hey! She's too pretty to be a nerd!
My friend Nikki, a Fullerton local, and I attended the event together. When we first walked into the restorante we thought we had the wrong place. It looks like a 65-year-old couple’s dream date night: Dark wood, red leather, white table clothes, dim lighting, long old-fashioned bar at the entrance… Minutes before 10 o’ clock (when the show is scheduled to start), there was no one setting up and barely anyone there.
Eventually people started trickling in and at most the venue had 20 geeks in attendance. While waiting for the show, we had some time to people-watch: MAN! Geeks LOVE beards. The beard is like the universal signal for, “I like Indy Folk music, thrift shops, and film festivals.” 
At 10:50pm the show began. The acts were hit or miss. Some were awkward and some were clever. Over all, it's entertainment and the price is right.

Nerdy Thursdays does not take place at Hibbleton Art Gallery from 8 – 10. It is at Mulberry St. Restaurante from 10 – 12.

As I am to understand you have something to do with the Nerdy Thursday Variety Show, please mention the information SOMEWHERE on your website.
Also, the phone number you have listed is no longer yours. You should get on that.

As Nerdy Thursday is an event at YOUR place of business, you should consider mentioning it on your website.

Please either officially change the start time of your show to reflect when it actually begins, or start when you say you will.


Photo Cred: Bert Brown


  1. It's truly fascinating that the beard has become such an interesting cultural identifier. It used to be that a beard meant that you were a real man and ready to fight at any moment. Now it would appear that a beard means you live in Silver Lake and own up to three acoustic guitars. This should be the new rule: a beard that is longer than one inch means that you are a real man. Anything shorter means that you wear thick rimmed glasses to look hipster and keep up with the Star Wars animated series.

    But then again, I might be bias...

  2. As a grower of beards...I have to be honest...its abject laziness.

    Another good read. Thanks.