The Bruery in Orange

"Drink us..."

Snobs and yuppies have wine tasting. We get beer: another win for the geeks.
Very recently The Bruery opened in the circle in Orange. The sign has been up for months – teasing me. I finally got to visit last night.
First up, you’ll notice that “brewery” is spelled wrong. The Bruery is a play on a family name “Rue.” Mr. Rue started brewing beers in his garage during his fist year of med school (understandably) and changed his profession shortly there-after (understandably).
The Bruery is a small, Orange County based brewery, focusing on mostly Belgian and unusual styles of beer. This is their second store-front.
First impressions: The style of the shop is a little too elegant for what I expected from a small, unique, company. I wanted to see more of a man-cave and less of a Napa Wine Cellar. More fun and intrigue, please.
Wine barrels?
I felt a little confused when I walked in. I asked the guy at the front to tell me about the place and he did a great job. Then he directed me to the back of the shop to do tasting.
My face shuts off when tasting.

They have a bunch of different “tasting flights” and all of them are INCREDIBLY affordable: $3 - $8! They also offer several cheese plates to pair with the flights. I love doing tastes: It's like sending my mouth on a treasure hunt!
I wanted to try the Bruery beers more than anything else, so I asked for one of their flights.
I got 5 beers that ranged from almost clear to med-dark. I would have purchased 4 out of 5 of them. The last one, the darkest, was the most interesting. It was a holiday-flavored sweet brew. Nutmeg, Yams, cinnamon… Dang.
If you want to geek-out over some unique, independent, beers – visit The Bruery. Even if you’re not into supporting the little guy (what kind of monster are you?), they have a bunch of different, more main-stream options. I say, get there in the early evening with some fellow beer-lovers, spend $20 on 4 flights, and send your tasters on an adventure.


  1. This is a really great blog. Shiznite.

  2. Love it :) Something that everyone should try at least once, even if you're not a beer fan.

  3. hhaah a treasure hunt for your mouth!

  4. What do they have in the jukebox? Any David Allan Coe?

    BTW...good read. I love the circle..time to kick O's to the curb.

  5. No music whatsoever. Really unsettling. Like I said, the shop didn't match the product.

  6. You look like you're listening for something in the picture. Do the beers make different noises?

  7. What if they did, Steebs? What if they did?