Harry Potter Midnight Screening

Are you ready for what’s about to happen?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is coming to a theatre near you on FRIDAY. THIS Friday.
If you’re truly a fan, you’ll be seeing this film on Thursday at midnight.
I’ll be getting in line for the 12:01am IMAX screening at the Irvine Spectrum at 9am. That’s right, I will be waiting in line for 15ish hours on Thursday.
That’s insane! No, not really. Midnight screenings are one of my all-time favorite events. One gets to spend the day with like-minded geeks, playing trivia, talking about the film, taking pictures in costume.
COSTUME? Oh yeah. I’ll be dressed as Luna Lovegood and I’ll be hanging out with Sirius Black.

Even if you’re not a fan. It’s gonna be worth visiting the Spectrum to see all the crazy.
At the Midnight Screening for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


  1. Oh she's very Sirius about the premiere...

  2. *Reads KC's comment then buries face deep into his palms and slowly shakes head from side to side*

  3. compared to you, i am not that geeky.