Update: Harry Potter Midnight Screening

We found a group of half-assed costumes.

Was it worth the wait? Of course!
Less people were dressed up this year. Maybe because it was cold? I don’t know.
I slept for the first half of the day. Yeah, just out – on the ground – whatevs. Then we met up with Bellatrix Lestrage and wandered all over the Spectrum taking pictures. It was great fun.
We were probably 20th in line when we got to the theatre. By the time we went inside we were 60th. Stupid kids holding spots for dozens of people.
We got good seats. However, we were sitting next to some OC Bro Douches who had clearly snuck in. They were loudly hating on all of the Harry Potter pride that was happening in the theatre. Finally someone stood up to them and said, “knock it off.”
A chorus of, “oh, tough guy, huh?” broke out.
THEN THE BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT was uttered by one of these a-holes. In a classic meat-head-bro drawl, “I’ll stupefy his bitch-ass.”
Then the movie started and they fell asleep.
Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Snape re-create the unbreakable vow from HP and the Half Blood Prince.
I’m not going to give you my review of the movie. It is your job to go see it and tell me what you thought!

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