We're Alive: A Story About Survival

We’re Alive is an old fashioned Radio Drama Style Podcast… about zombies.
This story has all the classic zombie moments one would expect from a story about the z-apocalypse. But what really makes it great are the character plots. This is a VERY character-heavy piece, which makes it that much juicier. It’s like a prime-time soap, but the stakes are raised as high as they can go.
The show is in its second season and is taking off. This is the #1 podcast on Zune and is rapidly rising to the top of iTunes. And, it’s FREE to download. Though, I highly recommend purchasing the completely re-mastered, commercial-free CD box set. Xmas, anyone?
Every Monday a 15-25 minute portion of a chapter is released. Each chapter is around an hour long. Kc Wayland, a graduate of Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts in Orange, writes, directs, edits, and produces the show. He says that approximately 120 hours of writing, recording, and editing go into every chapter. It shows.
This podcast is unbelievably well-done. Everything from the sound design to the acting is professional quality.
Everyone I have exposed We’re Alive to, from my geeky improv team to my mom and grandma, has loved it!
If you must know, I play Lizzy.
The only thing I HATE about this show is that it doesn’t make any money. Everyone involved does it because they love it. They deserve to get paid! However, I’m told that the more Facebook Fans the We’re Alive page gets, the more likely it is that the series will be sold and turned into a TV show!
So what are you waiting for? Start downloading! Go ‘like’ their fan page! Go! Go! Go!

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